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One Page Brief Game Description:


Contestants submit a 5 minute self narrated video which shows their personality and that they have little to no signs of being green or sustainable.

A panel of judges prequalify and selects the (10) least green and sustainable contestant’s homes and lifestyles to be reviewed.  They visiting and rating each one of the homes, rating, reviewing and videotaping each location.

After the contestants and homes are surveyed,  the judges will reveal the ratings  live on the air and the (4 )  contestants lifestyles and homes which score the lowest  green ratings but who they feel can truly be transformed into living a green, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle will qualify and move on to the Green Challenge Rounds.

Green Challenge Rounds:

The (4) contestants compete against each other in green healthy and sustainable challenges for 7 weeks. The first week, contestants are subject to intense green training provided by professionals each day on 2 to 3 topics. Contestants will need to continue to practice their green training and also compete against each other in weekly challenges to win prizes provided by the corporate sponsors which will help increase their green rating and move onto the Green Improvement Round. 

After the Green Challenge Rounds are complete and all of the prizes are awarded, the judges re-evaluate the homes and tally all of the ratings and carbon foot prints, showing video footage, recapping on the previous weeks of intense green training and competition. The top (2) most improved and transformed contestant’s homes and lifestyles move on to the Green Improvement Round.

Green Improvement Round:

In the Green Improvement Round the (2) final contestants receive $10k and study their ratings to determine which final improvements will be made to their home and lifestyles that will increase their point rating and chance  of winning the game.   

After the final green improvements are complete, the homes are re-evaluated and rated for the last time by the judges to determine how successful the improvements were. Highlights of the transformations to each contestant’s home and lifestyle and their journey to the finals are produced and reviewed live on air. 

The contestant then competes in a green home, mind, body and soul show down to see which home and lifestyle the judges feel has made the greatest healthy and sustainable green transformation. The judges review each homes final carbon foot print and overall ratings as each contestant shows off their new green image and lifestyle. The judges then vote for the last time to see who will win the grand prize $$ and seperate themselves from the Carbon America world as America Goes Green!


Note: For those of you who have not read the full show script please contact mmassaro@carbonamerica.net for a copy.