If our show and program is sucessfull we willl further help spread the green revolution by investing in the Carbon America retail and service franchise. These stores will be base on the same sustainable concept of the show.

Each store will be a Carbon-Neutral (Carbon-O) Zero-Energy, LEED building either  New NB or existing EB building. Each store will be powered by photo-voltaic solar energy, fuel cell or (wind turbines if applicable). Solar thermal tube hot water heating systems will provide domestic and heating needs.  High efficiency, ductless split heat pump air systems (possible geothermal if applicable), all energy star or high efficiency appliances and equipment, compact fluorescent or LED lighting, day light harvesting and auto shades. All store systems will be tied into an energy management system with a large display screen in the front of the store showing graphics of all of the buildings energy use down to the outlets for the cash registers.  The domestic water system will utilize a small grey water filtration system supplied from roof drains and low flow plumbing fixtures etc. Green roofs will be utilizes when building new stores. All stores architecture and engineering will be designed depending upon the location by my fathers engineering company Innovative Engineering Services  LLC www.iesllc.biz  with the use of local A&E help as needed. All construction materials and components will be low VOC and renewable/sustainable and local if applicable, provided by the corporate sponsors.

Floor plan may vary depending upon the leased space configuration

The atmosphere of the store wills a high tech environment with relaxing music in the back ground, large LDC display screens etc. The store will have an “Avatar” “Pandorapedia “feeling as far as ambiance, colors, graphics, and sound.  The exterior of the store front will have Thermochromism paint which will change colors depending upon the ambient outside temperature to reduce the heat island effect. The roof will also utilize a thermal manipulating coating (TMC) or shingle which will also change colors depending upon the ambient outside temperature to reduce the heat island effect. The store front color and geometry scheme be a high-tech look and may include solar grids. Shoppers will be able to get an herbal tea, coffee, cappuccino; natural organic snacks and either shop, consult or sit and relax while shopping on line or just enjoying the Wi-Fi wireless network. The highly train sales staff on the floor can assist the customers or direct them to the level  2  sales technicians who can speak on a higher technical level on issues such as energy systems, sustainability and product home integration.  The customers shopping experiance  will be a high tech,  low pressure,  enjoyable experience!