Carbon America directly affects every aspect of your life, the air you breathe, water you drink, food you eat, the economy, your job, where you live and most of all your future. You may or may not believe in global warming, but either way you must admit that there is something very strange going on with our weather and environment over the past few years. Glaciers are melting very rapidly, air and water quality is degrading quickly, oceans are getting warmer and weather patterns are becoming very unpredictable and more severe. Heavy extreme down pours of rain and hail, many large tornados, tsunamis and hurricane devastation are becoming the norm in the news around the globe. This extreme weather in turn is affecting the global economy, food production, and animal habits related to extinctions and disruption to our food chain. Food and oil costs are rising daily while our most valuable resources, clean air and water are degrading and depleting at the same rate. People’s activities, food production, consumer product handling, factories, power plants and automobiles are some of the major contributors to Carbon emissions around the world resulting in global warming. America is the 2nd largest Carbon producing country in the world. We produce approximately 23% of the world’s total Carbon emissions. The world population keeps growing not only in numbers but in size. 74% of the population in America are overweight, 30% of those are obese. Overweight and obese is not only contributing to Carbon production and global warming but also cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. If something is not done this increase in an unhealthy population will reach a point at which we are consuming more resources than we are producing and global warming and disease will be irreversible. With that said statistically 74% of the populations living in the US are unhealthy Carbon producing Americans who make up what we call “Carbon America”.

About the Marketing Director Michael Massaro

Thank you for visiting Carbon America. Here is a little history on my background the show and our mission. I recently graduated from Southern Connecticut  State University. I am a marketing major with a passion for writing, Social Media, Reality TV and saving the environment. I have been working on the "Carbon America" project with my father for about 3 years now and we are finally getting it to the point where we have a defined path and market strategy. Aside from this project and school I have been working for my fathers company Innovative Engineering Services IES www.iesllc.biz for the past 6 years as a Autocad drafter/designer and in the marketing department. IES is a full service engineering and technology firm specializing in LEED and Energy Star building design and construction. Over the years I have seen the energy and sustainability interests around the globe ignite to become very influential in every aspect of our life and in turn it has been reflected in my marketing efforts. That being said I have made it a personal mission to use my marketing knowledge and skills to help influence and teach  other about sustainability and energy conservation through  my unique reality TV show called "Carbon America" I got the shows concept and name from a Green retail store franchise idea my father and I came up with a few years ago. The concept of the store is to provide specialize integration of very efficient materials, systems and services for client who want to make the green transformation and live healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

P.S, I have always been a big KickStarter fan and as a marketing major I love the concept of the site and the opportunity to finally have a project I feel worthy of this platform. I would like to thank all of the interest in the program we have received over the years from corporations, manufacturers and the general public. We hope that all of you will continue and help us achieve our goals and produce our exciting show. We believe everyone will be impressed and truly enjoy the program.  I promise all of you, this production will not only be hilarious but a high-tech educational and entertaining show and of course it is all for a great purpose, to help save our planet!

So please log into KickStarter and support the our cause and show. Together we can make a difference,  have fun and be part of igniting the Green Revolution.

Thank you